Trion® FPGAs

Designed for Fast-Paced Edge and IoT Markets

Delivering Power-Performance-Area Advantages


Trion® FPGAs are built on a 40 nm process with a logic density range from 4K to 120K logic elements (LEs) and standard interfaces such as GPIO, PLLs, oscillators, MIPI, DDR, LVDS, etc. Trion FPGAs target general-purpose custom logic markets (mobile, IoT, general consumer, industrial, and medical) as well as fast-growing markets such as compute acceleration and deep learning in edge devices.

trion fpga

Small Packages

With packages down to the tiny WLCSP at just 4.5 mm x 3.6 mm, Trion FPGAs are designed for highly integrated applications

MIPI CSI-2 Controller

A hardened controller for the popular MIPI CSI-2 interface supports IoT, thermal cameras, industrial cameras, robotics, and smart devices.

DDR DRAM Controller

The hardened DDR DRAM controller lets you store data for processing .

Product Longevity

Trion products are designed into a broad range of applications in many diverse markets. Some of these markets are characterized by long product life cycles and, once in high volume production, are resistant to changes in specifications or components in the bill of materials. At Efinix we get that and are committed to supplying our customers with a stable supply of supported products throughout their product life cycle. We are committed to supporting our Trion family of FPGAs in customer designs until at least 2033.