Direct Purchasing Power

By going directly to manufacturers, Omega is able to eliminate brokers from your supply chain, ensuring cost savings opportunities in addition to delivering high quality product.

Daily Sourcing

Leverage Omega GTI’s global presence and industrial expertise to locate the material you need. At Omega GTI, we take it upon ourselves to ensure our customers reap any and all savings available to them.
Inventory Management

Omega GTI works closely with customers to construct and apply an effective solution, to quickly recover value. We leverage our 35+ years of collective experience in optimizing asset value of vulnerable product inventory.

Secure Supply Chain

Supply-chain security refers to efforts to enhance the security of the supply chain, the transport and logistics system for the world's cargo.

Kitting Services

Kitting is the term used to describe the function of bringing all material requirements together. With all required items received, verified, placed in suitable packaging and given to the assembly facility; the assembly process may then begin.  Sounds simple.

Vendor Managed Inventory

 is a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. VMI involves collaboration between suppliers and their customers (e.g., distributor, retailer, OEM, or product end user) which changes the traditional ordering process.


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