Titanium FPGAs

Designed for Compute Acceleration

Low Power, Small Footprint,
Big Compute


You only have a few square millimeters to spare, and you need to pack in as much computing power as you can. Efinix’s next-generation Titanium FPGAs are fabricated on a 16 nm process and deliver high performance with the lowest possible power and a small physical size.


Small Packages

With packages down to the tiny WLCSP at just 3.5 mm x 3.4 mm, Titanium FPGAs are designed for highly integrated applications.

Hardened Controllers

Hardened MIPI D-PHY and LPDDR4/4x DRAM controllers support IoT, thermal cameras, industrial cameras, robotics, and smart devices.

SEU Protection

Titanium devices can monitor device integrity and can seamlessly and automatically recover from random SEU events ensuring maximum uptime in your application.

Bitstream Security

Bitstream authentication prevents unwanted tamperting, while bitstream encryption ensures that your design is secure.

Product Longevity

Titanium products are designed into a broad range of applications in many diverse markets. Some of these markets are characterized by long product life cycles and, once in high volume production, are resistant to changes in specifications or components in the bill of materials. At Efinix we get that and are committed to supplying our customers with a stable supply of supported products throughout their product life cycle. We are committed to supporting our Titanium family of FPGAs in customer designs until at least 2037.