System Integration

System Integration

System Integration doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of the lengthy process of shipping servers to data centers and hiring technicians to install them in rack chassis, Omega GTI streamlines this process by providing a turnkey solution for you to hit the ground running. We build the servers, test them on-site, and ship them off as a completed unit. Components are properly identified, tagged, and speed tested to ensure they’re operating in expected ranges. To eliminate the need for future troubleshooting, we focus on both software integration and rack configuration. Complications of System Integration are a thing of the past.

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The Omega Advantage

Omega GTI supports the underdog. We understand that some companies do not have the means yet to invest in thousands of server units. Plus a quantity of that scope, you would need to make sure you are the right rack. If at the moment you may only need 15 to 20 units, Omega GTI makes it possible to optimize solutions to specific needs before you strategize your biggest investments. We pay close attention to all your requirements, and help acquire the right server. Whether it be for test runs or just for your current operations level, we’re here to help you win.

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