Development Kits

Get Started with a Kit


Our development kits help you get started designing with Efinix FPGAs quickly. With each kit you also receive a license for the Efinity® software. Efinix also provides some daughter cards separately, in case you would like to use more cards than are included in a kit.

Titanium Ti180 M484
Development Kit

This kit showcases the Ti180 FPGAs’s hardened MIPI D-PHY, supporting up to 2.5 Gbps per lane, and hardened LPDDR4x controllers.

Titanium Ti60 F225
Development Kit

Everything you need to prototype vision systems, including a Ti60 FPGA, Raspberry Pi camera, and DSI display.

Kits for MIPI CSI-2

Some of our Trion FPGAs have hardened MIPI CSI-2 blocks that offer great camera sensor interfacing plus enough logic for image processing. A hardened DDR DRAM memory controller can interface to a frame buffer or some other system memory. Our MIPI CSI-2 based development kits connect to Raspberry Pi and other cameras so you can prototype vision applications easily.