VMI Solution

Omega GTI has the expertise and resources to manage your inventory. We guarantee optimal asset value – maximizing inventory turnover through 2 customized programs:

Omega GTI Stored Material:

  • Material stored at Omega GTI’s 45,000 SQ/ft climate-controlled warehouse
  • Multi-layer, Tiered Security and Strategy safely protects your material
  • We ship your requested material – based on detailed accurate forecasts
  • If your current need exceeds forecasting, same shipment is only a purchase order away. Buffer Stock of material is always held – eliminating lead time delays

Customer Stored Material

  • Material physically held at customer warehouse
  • Omega GTI carries value of material on our books
  • We replenish stock per customer purchase order

Powered┬áby IRIS – Immediate Response Inventory System

Omega GTI’s Silicon Valley Global HQ
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