VMI Solution

Omega GTI has the expertise and the resources to manage your inventory.  We guarantee optimal asset value and maximal inventory turnover through 2 customizable programs.

The first flexible program includes storage of customer inventory at Omega’s warehouse.  Omega ships necessary products to the customer in response to detailed regular forecasts (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) of product usage.  If a customer needs more material than forecasted at any given time, a same day shipment is only a purchase order away.  Omega GTI maintains a buffer of inventory product at all times, so that customers never have to wait on an extended lead time.

​Omega’s second customizable program is constructed around the inventory being physically held at the customer’s warehouse, while the material is on Omega GTI’s books.  Omega GTI will replenish customer inventory as needed.  Whenever a customer runs short on any material, they place a purchase order to Omega, where more material will be shipped on the same day.

​At Omega GTI, we understand that customer needs are dynamic and unique.  We will work with you to customize an inventory management program and provide real solutions through a combination of marketing, distribution and reverse logistics.

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